About Ben Francisco

Ben Francisco is a writer of fictions.  His stories range from magic realism to space opera, and have been known to feature oversexed ghosts, epidemics of phosphorescence, depressed precognitive psychics, and pantheistic vampire aliens who reproduce like moss. Common themes include cultural misunderstandings, family dysfunctions, LGBT experiences, and spiritual searches.  Also, lasers.

Ben’s stories have been published in Realms of Fantasy and the anthology Dreaming Again. Other stories are forthcoming in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet and Shimmer.  He has also written nonfiction columns and articles for Fantasy Magazine.

Ben also self-identifies as a policy wonk and a philanthropoid. Since early childhood, he has been obsessed not only with doing good, but with doing good as efficiently and systematically as possible. He alternately attributes this to his Catholic upbringing and having read the words, “With great power comes great responsibility,” in no fewer than 2,500 Spider-Man comic books.

He lives in Brooklyn with his partner, Hassan, and their dog, Nur, the most adorable puppy in seventeen galaxies.  Their diet consists mainly of chicken.


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